Founded at the beginning of 2014, Little Weaver is a worker-owned collective dedicated to socially-responsible design and website development and passionate about the development of a better internet built on open-source technologies. Members of our team can be found in Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Vermont, Connecticut, and Ontario.

The Little Weaver Mission

Little Weaver Web Collective is a cooperative web development group.

We have joined together to put our complementary skills to use building quality websites and applications. We share ownership; we choose together what projects we want to spend our time on; we choose individually the hours and environments that let us do our best work.

We are committed to making socially responsible choices and encouraging our clients and users to do the same. We aim to provide the best possible experience to all users, on various devices and with varying abilities. We work to prevent finances from being a barrier to accessing our skills and our time.

Our work is built on the work of others; we give back by providing high-quality, reusable, open-source code as a resource for the development of a better internet.