Naomi is a skilled user interface designer and front-end developer based in Connecticut. She architects efficient and maintainable CSS structures and HTML templates.

Blog Entries

New Logo and T-shirts!

Little Weaver has a brand new logo, and we’re selling T-shirts with that logo on them!

Little Weaver Shirt Photos

Thank you to everyone who bought a Little Weaver shirt!

Printable Little Weaver Paper Airplane

This week Little Weaver is sponsoring DjangoCon alongside other supporters like Mozilla, Caktus, and the Python Software Foundation. We’re sending both our colleague Stephen and something small for every participant. Last year we included notebooks printed by Scout Books. This year we’re sending a single sheet of paper, but it’s an exciting sheet of paper.

Closing Little Weaver

We have a big announcement: we’re choosing to end our work as Little Weaver Web Collective.