Stephen is an experienced Python engineer and server administrator based in Seattle, WA. He has been building and deploying Python/Django-based web applications for eight years.

Blog Entries

Dancerfly Beta

We’d like to announce the public beta of Dancerfly, our dance event management platform! Here are some screenshots to celebrate the occasion!

Evolution of a Marketing Page

It turns out that there’s a lot more to setting up a platform than just writing the code. And most of it we didn’t know when we made the first commit on February 20, 2014, despite having worked professionally in web design & development for over five years! I’m going to focus on the evolution of our marketing strategy and materials. I hope this’ll be helpful to other non-sales folks who are looking to create and market their own product!

Why we provided "Trad Blues" and "Alt Blues" options – and why we've stopped

Dancerfly originally made a distinction between "Alt Blues", "Trad Blues", and "Fusion". But moving forward we'll be providing "Blues" and "Fusion" instead.

Ractive lazy loading

How to lazy load using ractive

Query count pitfalls and how to avoid them

If you notice that your Django application is running slowly, the first place I always recommend looking is at how many SQL queries you’re running. Even in simple applications, there are likely to be easy opportunities to reduce your query count that result in a significant performance improvement. In this blog post I’ll cover some common pitfalls, some best practices, and how to measure the number of queries you’re making.