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Cameron Higby-Naquin
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A note from Harris: Little Weaver recently had the opportunity to add two new people to our team. Last week we let Feonix introduce herself. This week we’re hearing from our other newest hire, Cameron.

In my dream, I was in a submarine. A submarine made from scrap and pieces scavenged from sunken wrecks. It had a grab-arm that could pierce undersea data cables and tap directly into the bitstream, richer than any vein ever mined by shovels or axes. It was the year 2035, and I spent most of my time evading bioengineered tracker-killer sharks or repairing damage from the nanomines that swarmed the water near Facebook city-ships. I sold stolen data, sat on a pile of hardware that ranged from glowing holographic orbs to stuff that looked like it was torn out of a 1980s Pac Man cabinet. And I wore a jaunty hat.

But in this dream something happened. Two words reappeared again and again amid the white and pink noise of the bitstream: “Little Weaver.” At first I ignored it, but I’d spent enough time with RNG output and encrypted dataspikes to know that 2^51 times is never a coincidence. But what was Little Weaver?

There was nothing in Infopedia, nothing in Omnorum, not even anything on my illegally-salvaged Google backup tapes from the mid 20s. It was like someone had systematically scratched out every reference to it on every hard drive with a magnetic knife. The powers that be were afraid of it – very afraid.

My sub shook. More nanomines. They knew I was onto them. Bolts popped and water hissed in through hairline fissures. What was Little Weaver?

I wake up. Back to being Cameron. Mostly, I’m a programmer. I’ve had a very leisurely three years in Burlington, Vermont. I walk by the lake, play video games, I write code when the mood strikes me. I watch the leaves change colors in the fall and I shovel snow in the winter. Such is a mellow life.

But then! A blog post from a Web Collective saying that they are looking to hire more members. That collective’s name: Little Weaver. Could this be the answer I sought? Could this be my purpose? Could the Little Weaver Web Collective be the key to unraveling the dystopian world of deluge and drones that haunted my slumber? What did it all mean??

There was only one way to find out. I joined them. And yes, it is true: we will save the world, one website at a time.

Cameron examines an object before throwing it away

Cameron Higby-Naquin

Cameron has over a decade of experience in nearly all aspects of website development: from imagining creative digital experiences to optimizing database details. He currently lives in Burlington, VT.