Dancerfly turns 1!

Feonix Fawkes
Dancerfly turns 1!

One year ago today we announced our public beta version of Dancerfly - at the time a brand-spankin’-new dance event managment platform. Little Weaver was a relatively fresh company and dedicating hours of work to an internal project was a leap of faith. We decided to develop a tool like Dancerfly because of our shared interest in building a more vibrant dance community and our own involvement in organizing dance events.

Organizing events is hard work and getting people registered for your event requires seriously complicated logistics. In addition to collecting all the right information for each attendee (information that often falls into several different categories) there’s the whole payment related side of things including passes, merch, competitions, meal tickets, etc. By providing a easy to use tool for organizers and attendees we hoped to decrease the barrier to entry for each. In short we wanted to see a world with more events and more people attending them!

When we launched Dancerfly it was already a fully-featured event management system with:

  • built-in housing management
  • easy export of attendee data
  • credit card payments
  • simple refunds

Over the past year we’ve worked hard to improve the platform even more, adding features like custom forms so organizers can collect whatever data they’d like, as well as simplifying the registration process for attendees. We added new tools for organizers – a simple financial overview that integrates with payment processors, organization-level management, ticket transfers and invite-only events. We made the registration faster, more robust, and more secure. Dancerfly now supports multiple saved attendees per user, Dwolla funding sources (i.e. payment with ACH transfers, not just balance), and check payments. Even more exciting: we have more improvements in the works, including static pages for events and organizations, tools for predicting and managing your event’s entire budget, and sliding scale.

In addition to all the functionality we’ve been adding, we’ve developed the site to make it easier to understand who we are and what we provide up front, so anyone could find our website and starting using our service.

We’ve done some community building while thinking about the different categorizations for blues dancing. And we reached out to the programming community (quite a large subset of the dancer community, for sure!) to help us improve UI/UX.

Now we have a handful of current events hosted on Dancerfly, including an event in the UK! Each time we have the opportunity to host a new event we jump at the chance. Little Weaver prides itself on being efficient and responsive in everything that we do, and because Dancerfly is still evolving, working with new events and organizers gives us that wonderful opportunity to grow. Here’s to one very successful year, and all the adventures of the next!

Feonix Fawkes

Feonix is an inventive graphic designer for print and web in Oakland, CA. She creates designs from a fine arts background that bring a dynamic perspective to each project.