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I’m delighted to be putting my foot forward as the newest member of Little Weaver. I’ve been working with the team on some very exciting projects for a couple months now — focusing primarily on front-end development and client relations. I bring a wide variety of experience to the team, from programming robots to decoupled web applications. Most importantly, I’m Little Weaver’s first Canadian 🇨🇦.

What do I do as a front-end developer?

While we all do a bit of everything at Little Weaver, my work is primarily in front-end land. This means I am tying together design and back-end development into something you can interact with through your web browser. If I’ve done my job correctly, this means a smooth, accessible, and robust experience as you’re clicking or tapping around an application.

Design at Little Weaver consists of creative visual assets, branding, user interaction design, and information architecture. Back-end development is where a lot of behind-the-scenes magic happens — where data (i.e., copy, user profiles, photos, relationships) gets stored and processed. Front-end development presents this data, under thoughtful design, to you: the visitor!

I work with JavaScript (preferrably transpiled ES6 with Babel) and Sass (generally with webpack or gulp). I’m a fan of using the right tool for the job and thinking about what makes me an effective, happy developer — rather than, well:

Rewrite Your Front-end Every Six Weeks

Rewriting Your Front-end Every Six Weeks

Credit: @ThePracticalDev — https://twitter.com/thepracticaldev/status/715623065078644738

Outside Little Weaver

I like to read and write about intersectional feminism and queer advocacy in my spare time — including a published piece in Model View Culture on avoiding exclusionary user input fields. I tweet about it far more than I talk shop.

You can find me away from keyboard around the Hamilton/Greater Toronto Area. Online, you can look for my upcoming posts on this very blog about decoupled Django applications and technical communication.

I use emoji hearts far too much and my hair is usually purple (but not for this post, disappointingly — very off-brand). 💞❤️💖

\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

Emily Horsman

Emily is a talented front-end developer who’s just getting started in the field. She’s also a published author in Model View Culture, an independent media platform covering technology, culture and diversity.