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Feonix Fawkes
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A note from Harris: Little Weaver recently had the opportunity to add two new people to our team. This week Feonix is introducing herself in her own words and next week we’ll hear from Cameron.

Little Weaver has been having such a banner year (thanks to Naomi, Harris and Stephen’s hard work) that two months ago they announced they were looking to hire one or two more members. Enter Cameron and myself.

I’m a sculptor-turned-designer and I tend to think with my hands. I followed my love of wheel thrown pottery to a four year fine arts program in Philadelphia Moore College and wound up creating a thesis body of work around interactive installation while also getting a degree in Graphic Design. I’ve always been enthusiastic about the entire crayon box, so to speak, and I use this passion for variety as a strength in my design. I nerd out over decorative arts, calligraphy, art deco, vintage everything, bold choices and graceful moments. I get endless inspiration from the sky - both in terms of colors, light, and forms. I get especially excited about work that puts me in the position of learning something new and adding a new crayon to the box.

I was working as an independent graphic designer for almost five years before joining LW. Being a creative taking on contracts and gigs on your own is hard - on top of the complete lack of security it gets lonely. A hugely important part of my creative process is receiving peer feedback. As a result of this previous experience I found Little Weaver’s application & interview process exciting; I started to daydream hardcore about my future as in-house designer and business admin at this beautifully structured business.

It’s been a month since I’ve started with Little Weaver and every day the love I have for my work grows. It’s interesting, animating, challenging and energizing. Our work feels like ridiculously productive play and as I really dig into our projects I find a driving joy in the process of design and collaboration we’ve established.

Like the other Weavers I live a ridiculously full life. Dance plays a big part of that, as well as community organizing. I have four jobs. Part of what I truly admire about the work culture at LW is the support from the collective to engage fully with what we’re doing - not just at LW, but with our entire lives. The relatively horizontal structure makes it possible for us to all keep growing, holistically, at an incredible rate without losing our productive edge.

It seems to me that our work is so successful because we care at that deep, big-picture level. Not just about each other but about our work and our clients as well. We give each task our full attention and care—and wind up with something really well done at the end. I can’t tell you how thrilled and grateful I feel to be a new Weaver.

— Feonix

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Feonix Fawkes

Feonix is an inventive graphic designer for print and web in Oakland, CA. She creates designs from a fine arts background that bring a dynamic perspective to each project.