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Michele Leah
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Dear Internet,

We’ve been acquainted through many a Google search, some online dating mishaps, and Reddit, but I’d like to formally introduce myself, I’m Michele and I’m the newest member of Little Weaver Web Collective.

Who am I and what do I do?

Taxes, mostly.

Okay, I’m kidding (not really). As the Operations Coordinator, I keep the ship afloat so the rest of the folks can focus on the “web design” part of Little Weaver Web. This runs the gamut from bookkeeping and multi-state tax work to reviewing (and sometimes drafting) legal documents for both internal and external use, to obtaining and administering our healthcare, to a little bit of marketing, to puzzling out our business development strategies and time management techniques alongside the rest of Little Weaver. I also do things like talk a bit about reorganizing our Google Drive, but I haven’t gotten a chance to actually do it yet. I try to be the sand that fills the cracks at Little Weaver - doing All The Things.

Outside of Little Weaver, I am a painter and sometimes I write things. I spend a large portion of my time active in local social justice causes in Washington D.C. through Jews United for Justice and other local groups. I run or help run a few community organizations and there’s rarely a spare moment in my world.

While I currently reside in Washington, D.C., I am planning to spend the summer abroad in Europe, and tend to hop around the U.S. on trips whenever possible.

I bake obsessively, am pretty sure my natural hair color is pink, and still hope to one day join the roller derby.

Michele Leah

Michele Leah

As both a paralegal and professional artist in a past life, Michele brought a unique skill set to Little Weaver. She has been organizing things for nearly 30 years, but doing it professionally for 10.