Printable Little Weaver Paper Airplane

Naomi Morduch Toubman

This week Little Weaver is sponsoring DjangoCon alongside other supporters like Mozilla, Caktus, and the Python Software Foundation.

We’re sending both our colleague Stephen and something small for every participant.

ScoutBooks from 2016 DjangoCon Bag Inserts

Last year we included notebooks printed by Scout Books.

This year we’re sending a single sheet of paper, but it’s an exciting sheet of paper. Head over to the front tables to grab your own!

2017 DjangoCon Airplane Pages

It looks even better folded:

2017 DjangoCon Folded Airplane
2017 DjangoCon Folded Airplane Underside

You can download a PDF and print one yourself!

Naomi Morduch Toubman

Naomi is a skilled user interface designer and front-end developer based in Connecticut. She architects efficient and maintainable CSS structures and HTML templates.