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This workshop was very last minute and it's the first time we've done anything like this in Asheville. Dancerfly is super easy to use and I'm digging the dopamine rush every time I get an email notification that someone else signed up.

Asha Soriano, InFusion Asheville

There are many forms of social dancing: blues, swing, contra dance, Lindy hop, English country, waltz, tango. One of the wonderful things about dance communities is their willingness to organize events. Hosting workshops, weekends, exchanges, fancy-dress balls, and other events is a huge part of dance culture. Members of a community will rent space, hire bands and dance leaders or teachers, and put together an evening or weekend of dancing festivities.

These events can be attended by hundreds or even thousands of dancers, who often travel great distances to be there. They are essential to maintaining dance communities, they encourage sharing dance styles and meeting new people, and they are incredibly fun.

Dancers and community organizers are not well-served by today's internet. Online registration is rare, online payment almost unheard-of. Organizers often lack the resources to create a user-friendly, polished registration experience. Finding dance events is often handled by ad-hoc systems like  In this environment, publicizing events is time-consuming and finding them and signing up is even more so. As dancers and event organizers ourselves, we’re intimately aware of the frustrations on both sides of the process.

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Dancerfly is our solution. It's a platform for dance event registration and discovery. Dance organizers use it for registration, payment processing, and data analytics. Dancers use it to easily sign up for events and discover new ones. It is the product of our own years of experience in the community as well as close collaboration with other dance organizers. User experience was central to the process: we wanted to create tools we ourselves would be delighted to use, and also be flexible enough to accommodate a multitude of different kinds of events.

Dancerfly offers value more for dance event organizers than generic ticketing platforms. Features such as the ability to easily accept check payments and export data into spreadsheet format let organizers work within the constraints of their organizational structure and their community members. Other features like support for fine-grained dance style delineation remove the ambiguity and uncertainty caused by most categorization systems. We work closely with the organizers before, during, and after their events to make their experience as smooth as possible, even developing new features together when the platform’s capabilities don’t match their needs.

People who attend dance events often attend many dance events, and registration pain can be multiplied over many inconsistent and repetitive forms. Dancerfly provides a thoroughly modern form experience including accessible labels, input validation, and a responsive layout, which most internet users have come to expect but is absent from most dance registration forms. Security and privacy of attendees is a high priority: Dancerfly supports registration without creating an account. All you need is an email address. Choosing to make an account makes filling out future forms even easier. Basic information like names, emails, phone numbers, and housing preferences are saved and can be reused for any other event you might find while browsing through Dancerfly.

Most importantly, a platform for dancers should feel like it's for dancers. We worked with a third-party illustrator, Lucy Bellwood, to develop imagery that reflected the spirit, diversity, and sense of community that represent the best aspects of social dancing, to make Dancerfly a place that people would enjoy spending time.