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Oberlin College’s Center for Languages and Cultures (OCLC) had spent two years developing ObieMAPS, a remarkable and sophisticated tool for cataloguing the resources available at Oberlin College. When in 2013 the developer who had been responsible for creating the software and maintaining the server left Oberlin College, they needed someone with Django experience to step up and fill the void. With our expertise in Django / Python systems and Linux server management, Little Weaver was a natural choice.

ObieMAPS has always been a complex tool. It keeps an up-to-date clone of the College's course catalog and faculty listings, and allows users to browse that data with rich graphical interfaces, such as maps and timelines.

In addition to basic maintenance and security updates, Little Weaver has worked closely with OCLC staff and the Oberlin College IT department to implement small but critical feature improvements, such as automating updates to ObieMAPS' internal course catalog.

The result: the ObieMAPS service has been an ongoing cornerstone of the OCLC website. We’re proud of our longstanding relationship with OCLC and of the work that ObieMAPS does.